What defines the best straight razor?

best straight razor

This short informational article sets out to do one thing right. It is designed to inspire young and older men towards the perfect grooming experience. This experience moves in the direction of looking and feeling your best. What it also does is get men like yourself to thoroughly enjoy your grooming experience, as though you were a fine artist creating a masterful work of art. The grooming tradition for men usually begins with the morning shave.

So let us begin this inspirational introduction with that then. This practice begins with an introduction to a straight razor. Selected carefully from a number of qualitative and (also) inspirational online reviews which speak from experience, you will find your own best straight razor. The straight razor that you will be looking at is also known as an open or cut throat razor. So do look out for those terms of expression. It is essentially a single shaving blade which normally folds directly into its handle.

It is interesting to note that over the years, many modern improvisations were attempted but in the shaving department, nothing has come close to replicating the best ever close shave that the old-fashioned straight razor gives. The modern replacements have come to be known as safety disposable razors. But they are nothing of the sort. They are not even sustainable. They do not last long nor do they offer gentlemen the shave they need.

Electric razors have turned out unsatisfactorily as well. Apart from utilizing electricity, battery powered razors are weak and ineffective. The straight razor can last a lifetime even if only maintained once a year. It is said that any man that uses the straight blade will truly enjoy his grooming experience.