My Friend Switched to E Liquid

I have a really good friend who has been smoking since before I can even remember.  I have often had to deal with him smoking inside my car when we have been going places just because I am nice enough to allow him to do it, but it is something that I have always hated.  It has also always been quite annoying socially when he has had to step outside by himself in order to smoke a cigarette.  It can completely ruin conversations by ending them when they should not yet be ended, and so I have told him that I really think that he ought to consider quitting.  My friend is stubborn, however, and so he did not think that he would ever be able to quit smoking.  I decided that I would begin looking for other things for him to do in place of smoking, and that is when I discovered e liquid.

    I figured that the very best way to get him to commit to quitting was to allow him to still have his nicotine without the actual smoke.  I told him about this, and we decided to go to the vape shop together.  They asked him about all of his likes and dislikes, and they were able to put together a liquid that would give him the perfect flavor for his taste.  After trying it out, he said that he actually enjoyed it a lot, and he has now switched to vaping instead of smoking cigarettes, which I think is a wonderful thing.

e liquid

    Not only do I no longer have to deal with the smell and the social struggles, but I also know that my friend is likely going to lead a much more healthy life now than he was before.