How To Prevent And Cure Diarrhea

Diarrhea is one of the most inconvenient illnesses you could possibly get. It’s well known that certain foods (like spicy foods) are more likely than others to cause diarrhea, but there are many other things that can cause and worsen it.

The first you should do if you’re suffering from diarrhea is remember to stay hydrated. Dehydration is very common for those who have diarrhea, especially in young children and elderly people. Be sure to drink lots of water above all else.

There are certain foods that can worsen diarrhea.  The following is a list of things to be avoided while you’re suffering from diarrhea:

·    Milk

·    Alcohol

·    Soda

·    Caffeine

·    Fried foods

·    Greasy foods

·    Any dairy product

·    Broccoli

·    Peas

·    Beans

·    Corn

·    Peppers

·    Chickpeas

·    Prunes

If you have a sensitive stomach by nature, it might be best to avoid these foods in excessive amount even if you don’t have diarrhea. They could trigger it.

What do you if you’ve already eaten these foods and you’re desperate for a cure? Take probiotics supplements like Probiotics can naturally be found in foods like yogurt, but since you’re better off avoiding dairy, it might be a better idea to just take a supplement. There are many studies that have shown that probiotics supplements can both prevent and cure diarrhea.

It goes without saying that in addition to the foods listed above, you should avoid foods with strong spices. These foods could not only cause diarrhea, but they can worsen it to an unbearable degree since they’re prone to causing irritation in the stomach and digestive track.

If you’ve been taking anti-biotics, diarrhea is common. This is best combated with the use of probiotics like those found at